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This document defines the Company Policy concerning the aspects of the Integrated Quality-Environment-Safety Management System (QESMS) of QUAM Srl.
QUAM’s mission consists of the allocation and the optimal use of human, productive and financial resources to make its products and services offer competitive, professional, flexible and qualitatively flawless, fully respecting the strategic positioning and long-term profitability, ensuring the complete protection of workers’ health and safety and the safeguard of the environment, operating in full compliance with legal requirements.
In addressing the market, QUAM pursues the continuous improvement of performance at all levels in order to meet the individual needs of all customers and stakeholders, respecting applicable standards and reference norms (API Spec. Q1, ISO 9001-14001-45001). QUAM also endeavours to guarantee the continuous improvement of QESMS efficacy; Management provides everything necessary for its implementation and its compliance with requirements.
High quality standards are achieved only when all components of the company in each sector, all employees and contractors operate with unshakeable responsibility and participation; Management encourages and acknowledges the contribution of each component in achieving the overall quality of the products. The management of the QAS System is governed by the manual (MSG) and by the procedures therein mentioned.
Management verifies that the set improvement objectives are understood and supported at all corporate levels.
The key factors in pursuing its mission are:
TRUST, which QUAM will foster and maintain to develop positive technical and commercial relationships with customers and suppliers, and which also serves to motivate the company's human resources;
TRANSPARENCY as a constant of Ethics in business management and communication with stakeholders;
TEAM SPIRIT as a cohesive force to achieve efficient and effective global activity and produce a corporate culture coherent with its mission;
QUALITY understood in its most complete meaning as an indispensable condition for qualifying the company on the market;
INNOVATION applied not only to the optimization of the offer but also to the management of resources, internal organization and market approach;
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH (OSH) to ensure the safety and health of employees and third parties by cultivating working environments and providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, eliminating hazards where possible and reducing OSH risks for workers; ensure the implementation of a worker informational and participation process;
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION to safeguard the environment and prevent negative impacts by avoiding the emission of pollutants, which is achieved through proper management of generated waste, discharges and emissions and through careful management of resource consumption.

Furthermore, Management has gained complete knowledge of the PED directive, the API 6A and 6D standards and the ISO reference standards. It fully undertakes to disseminate all relevant information within the company to comply with the requirements at hand; for this reason, Management, through courses and meetings, ensures that the above statements are understood, implemented and, above all, supported at all levels of the company.
All employees and collaborators, due to their skills and responsibilities, are called upon to support this Policy, to adopt the principles it contains and to actively participate in the growth of the Quality-Environment-Safety Management System, striving to achieve its improvement by aiming for prevention over correction.

Management shall regularly review the QESMS Policy to ensure its continuity and adequacy.

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